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Likkle But We Tallawah

Happy Independence Day Jamaica!

Likkle But We Tallawah is the expression of the Jamaican spirit. We are not defined by our size or confined to the expectations of a small island nation. We are bold, fearless, resilient, strong, passionate people. We have an indomitable spirit. We are everywhere and we know how to shine. I am proud to be a Jamaican; I am honored to be a part of a culture that has impacted the world in a tremendous way. We have left an indelible mark on music, athletics, food, fashion, the arts, science. We were the first nation to voice our disagreement, disapproval and displeasure with apartheid in South Africa! We stopped trading with South Africa to demonstrate how serious we were. We took that step and the world followed. We are natural born leaders; it’s in our DNA! As Jamaica celebrates it’s 59th year of Independence; we have a lot to reflect on; and more to be grateful for. Our history is coloured with stories of rebellions; riots, trials and triumph. Our flag represents who we are and what we offer to the world.

The sun shineth, the land is green and the people are strong and creative The symbolism of our flag is powerful. The Black represents the strength and creativity of our people. The Green represents hope and agricultural resources. The Gold represents the natural wealth and beauty of sunlight.

Office of the Prime Minister
To earn the Gold medal and a new National Record on Independence Day is a lot to smile about!

The 2020 Olympics was yet another opportunity to remind the world that we may be small but we are MIGHTY. We are not just happy to be there; we came to win! The black, green and gold flew high and proud and it was thrilling to witness! We made history by having the first woman to ever achieve the DOUBLE DOUBLE! Elaine Thompson-Herah successfully defended her 100m and 200m titles. What a time to be alive; what a time to be a Jamaican! Next to music and food; sports has the unifying power our people tap into. We set our differences and our worries aside to show love and support to anyone representing Jamaica. We are the loudest, most exuberant supporters you will ever encounter! After-all we discovered the multipurpose use of the dutch pot cover!

Jamaica has so much to offer and there is so much to emulate. If you should choose one thing; it should be our spirit. As you navigate your life and make choices about your dreams; embody the spirit of power, passion and purpose. Tell yourself you want it; you will have it; believe it and then go get it! Let no one’s opinion dissuade you. Let no challenge shake you. In times of doubt, look in the mirror and remind yourself; you are Tallawah! Look at where you have come from and use the evidence of previous triumphs to bolster your self confidence! Courage is not the absence of fear; it is doing it inspite of the fear.

To represent the Black Green and Gold is a tremendous honour!

To my fellow Jamaicans let’s continue to do our homeland proud; represent our island well! Be ambassadors of one of the most impactful brands on earth! Wear the black, green and gold with pride. If anyone should dare to question why you are here; remind them that you come from a history of warriors; a lineage of movers, shakers and history makers. Never underestimate us; cause we likkle but we Tallawah!

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