It’s a Conspiracy

In 5 years I will be the Olivia Pope of the Ad industry!! Now some may say that is a bold statement…because I am not even in the industry…yet…but who wants to live any other way?? This declaration is perfectly in keeping with who I am…this is the same girl who wanted to join her country’s Defence Force when she couldn’t do one push up! It’s the same girl who wanted to serve in the Coast Guard because she didn’t want a boring desk job…and she couldn’t swim! Well I would be the first to tell you I was not a girlie girl; I wasn’t a full fledged Tom boy either. Sure I loved to climb; especially mango trees; (my mom has the photographic evidence) but didn’t every little girl? Joining the Army was an easy decision for me…it brought excitement, challenges, it was a daring career move, I would be in top 5 careers in the nation so why not?

I served for 8 years and in those 8 years I learnt some tough lessons and some of them I learnt the hard way. I wouldn’t change a thing about my experience because it shaped who I am today! The sand in the oyster is there for a reason – how else would we get pearls? So I am thankful for my pearl moment in the Army. One thing is for certain….

I march to the beat of my own drum!!

So my drum beat had me marching to Canada to start all over. I want to get in and make my mark on the Industry; so I turned to my Integrated Marketing Communications professor. She had a huge impact on me in my 3rd semester and I value her opinion. When she told me about the Next Gen Day Ad Week 2017  and  Next Gen Dinner Series 2017 I was sold. I spent the day at Mediacom and it was a fantastic experience! The Universe kept conspiring to bring me good things!! I applied for the Next Gen Dinner Series 2017 and was short listed. I was ecstatic to learn I was in the top 100 marketing students in Toronto!! Oh that was a huge confidence boost for me and I was pumped to do the interview! I brought my A+ plus game. Then came the hard part; the waiting, If you rule under the zodiac sign Aries you will agree and can attest to this…we don’t like waiting, patience is not a virtue we possess. We will try but we don’t like it.

Young Woman Meditating on the Floor — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

In a morning meditation session I learnt if you really want something you have to let it go. It made absolutely no sense to me, why would I want to let it go, I want it so….I must have it. This principle asserts if you think about things you want to often, you begin to offer thoughts of resistance towards it. Resistant thoughts can delay or deny what you want, hmmmm ok…so let it go you say? I did just that, I knew I wanted to be at this dinner I had outfits envisioned already but I stopped thinking about it so much. Guess what – I got it!! Now offer any justification you want, it doesn’t matter, I just know I will be having dinner with key players in the Ad Industry and come March 21st, 2017 there is no place else I would rather be!

So if you believe: in the power of hard-work, in the power of desire, in the power of God, in the power of the Universe that is great!

Just believe in something and DON’T let fear rob you of the joy in just having a desire!

If the Universe conspired to give me what I want; I am totally happy with that! That’s a conspiracy theory I can live with. You get one life to live and if you make it to your allotted years in life – don’t you want to have good stories to tell??

Until next time remember – “You can be the lead in your own life.” – Kerry Washington