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Time – Do You Spend It Or Invest It?

How we spend our time is really an indication of what we think about ourselves and how we feel about ourselves. If we hold ourselves in high regard and see time as a rare and precious commodity we would guard our time with great prejudice.

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Disappoint Your Parents

Children don't belong to their parents. "They are the son's and daughter's of Life's longing for itself. Though they may come through you and are with you; they don't belong to you. Don't give them your thoughts for they have their own." Khalil Gibran

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Filtering The Filth

It might be cliche to say but no man is an island. We are social beings and we need human interaction and connection. The need for human interaction will vary with each individual. Each path taken on this journey called life; shapes each of us in different ways and unfortunately some of us become poisonous and toxic to others.