Welcome to the Perspective Matters blog and thank you for reading! I know you could be anywhere on the “Al Gore’s internet” but you chose to be here and I thank you!! After reading each post I want you to walk away feeling energized, motivated, inspired, thoroughly entertained and thinking “hmmm I never thought of it like that…” or “that’s a different opinion I need to think on this some more”.

As unique individuals, because we all are unique and oh so special; we carry with us an individualized perspective. Some of us are the real gate keepers of that point of view and we will not let anything different in. I want to share with you another side, and get you to see things through a different lens. Perspective Matters will use opinion pieces to inspire, inform and encourage you to think differently and live loudly!

“You only get one life to live, so make sure at the end you have amazing stories to tell!”

So happy reading and remember there are two sides to a coin, so flip it to get a different view!