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The Perspective Matters

Freedom of speech is a right to be enjoyed but it comes with the responsibility of taking accountability if your words cause harm. It is absolutely ok to disagree; what is not ok - is to be utterly disrespectful.

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Mind Your Business

Don't watch the noise in the market; watch the sale. Don't watch the noise in the market watch the sale! If you have ever been to a farmers' market or a Caribbean market on a good day; it can be quite noisy. You will hear vendors shouting slogans and call to actions about their produce.… Continue reading Mind Your Business

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The Road to Equality is a Marathon Not a Sprint

Our desire to exist should not be an affront to your own existence. Saying BLACK LIVES MATTER does not mean all lives do not matter. So as you begin to educate yourselves; as you being to initiate conversations about allyship; as you engage with your black friends and colleagues, as your raise your hand to say how can I help; remember the road to equality is marathon not a sprint.

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Let’s Get Together and Feel Alright – How Beenie Man and Bounty Killer Had the Whole World Dancing

Jamaicans have the Midas touch! The world needed last night! As COVID-19 continues to take from us in so many ways and we face each day with uncertainty we needed a way to release and let go. I’m proud that Jamaica and Jamaicans did that for the world last night! We used the unifying power of music to help the world dance, sing and enjoy themselves and dare I say heal a little.

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Will All the Weirdos Please Stand Up

How do you respond if someone calls you weird? Do you cringe in shame, get defensive and fire off an insult, ignore the comment or do you own it and say – yea I’m weird, so what? What do you do? More importantly - do you think you are weird? Google will tell you, a… Continue reading Will All the Weirdos Please Stand Up

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Underdog or Junkyard Dog – The 3 Things I Learnt from the Toronto Raptors

Fall down seven times get back up eight; this Japanese proverb highlights the true nature of resilience! The willingness to get up each time you are knocked down, the fighting spirit that says - you won’t beat me

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How Are You and Do I Care?

Technology and smart gadgets were meant to connect us across distances but in some cases we feel more separated and isolated! Virtual reality and virtual friendships disappear when real life intervenes. So make it a habit of regularly checking in on your friends, ask them how they are doing and make sure to listen to the answer.

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Lovin’ The Skin I’m In

We all have to play the hand we are dealt and our bodies are what they are. They may be scarred, or bruised or not but they are our bodies. My skin is a healthy serving of chocolate and I wouldn’t want it any other way!!! There is history in my skin, there are stories and legends passed down to me through my skin. Stories of pain, and triumph. My skin ushers me into an awesome, awe inspiring community of human beings who know pain like no other, who are the epitome of resilience and the indomitable spirit.